Green Lantern Redux


This is the second time that I built this Green Lantern model kit, from Moebius models.


It’s in 1/12 scale, and shows GL battling a robot by creating a giant green hand that swats the metallic monster on the ground. The model is very imaginative and well-designed.


And when you add a cheap dollhouse lighting set to the model, it can look pretty impressive in the dark.


I’m not even a big fan of Green Lantern, but I had so much fun building and lighting the first one (which I sold) that I had to do this one again.


It’s a really fun model that, when done up, can look really cool.


2 thoughts on “Green Lantern Redux

    • Thanks very much.

      I used a mini lighting kit for doll houses from this place:

      It has everything you need in the package, including a battery. I bought the four light packet set. I ran two lights for the robot’s eyes, and two for under the big Green Lantern energy hand. I drilled a hole in the robot and ran the twin light bulbs up through that so that they were directly under the power burst.

      When I ran the other two light bulbs up into the robot’s head for his eyes, I used a piece of aluminum foil as background for the lights. The foil hides stuff I don’t want seen as well as offers a nice reflective boost for the lights themselves.

      It’s a great kit. Enjoy working on it.

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