Non Christmas Movies that take place at Christmas

It’s the holiday season, and among the many ways to celebrate it is watching Christmas movies. But what if you’re in the mood to watch a holiday movie, but are bored to tears at the thought of re-watching White Christmas, or It’s A Wonderful Life, one more time?

Well, did you know there are many mainstream films that take place at Christmas? Take the heart-warming tale of Die Hard, for instance:

Yippie kay zippo!

Yippie kay zippo!

Bruce Willis goes out to LA to visit the wife, who’s enjoying herself at the office Christmas party when the building gets taken over by terrorists led by the Potions Master at Harry Potter’s school. The murder and mayhem blends in quite nicely with the Christmas decorations.

These pines will cost ya!

These pines will cost ya!

The first Lethal Weapon also takes place around Christmas. It opens with “Jingle Bell Rock” over the credits, and later in the film, Mel Gibson’s Martin Riggs character is seen going undercover to buy drugs at (GASP!) a Christmas tree lot.

Computer, end program. Hello, computer...I'm still here....

Computer, end program. Hello, computer…I’m still here….

Action isn’t the only genre that has movies that take place during the holidays. A warm and rosy holiday scene pops up in Star Trek: Generations, where Captain Jean-Luc Picard finds himself in a science fiction version of White Christmas, only without the singing. Picard should have realized the whole thing was a fake when the kids were all acting so sweet and cutesy-pie.

Did the smoke alarm go off in here?

Did the smoke alarm go off in here?

Finally, there are plenty of horror movies that take place during Christmas (hell, some people consider spending the holidays with their families a real horror movie). For instance, The Legend Of Hell House, which follows the adventures of a group of intrepid ghostbusters, actually takes place during Christmas week. Presents were not exchanged…at least not if you consider getting stabbed repeatedly by sharp objects as receiving a gift.

And there you have it. You can watch a regular movie during the holidays and they’ll fit the theme of the season, if not actually the mood.

Star Trek Enterprise NX-01 Refit Ship


I was in the mood to just build something straight out of the box, so I built this NX-01 model kit from Star Trek: Enterprise.


It’s a small kit, but still nicely detailed. There’s a new secondary hull underneath the saucer section. The series took place about a hundred years before the Kirk era, and this new design is supposed to reflect moving towards that result.


I decided to make a “scene” with the ship by blackening out the background and drawing in stars. And presto: instant outer space scene.