The USS Dauntless


I completed another model kit, this one a kitbash of the Enterprise-C.


The Dauntless is my third model of this class vessel, and I always painted the hull white. This time I decided to paint it in Winter Blue, which shows up in all the pictures as…white. Go figure!


She’s a heavy cruiser meant for boarder patrol, spacestation defense, and all around scout-class vessel.


With twin torpedo launchers on both ends of the saucer, she can deal with any threat that comes along. Lean and mean. Just how it should be.

The Hunter Killer is here! Woot!

Big box for a BIG model....

Big box for a BIG model….

Thirty years ago this year, I sat in the theater and watched The Terminator for the first time. One of the things that really caught my eye was the tank in the future scenes of a post-apocalyptic LA hunting the human resistence fighters.


I remembered wanting a model of this sucker so bad, and after thirty years, it finally arrived, thanks to the folks at Pegasus. Here’s an out of box look at the pieces.


At 1/32 scale, it’s a big sucker. Brad Hair, who’s already got his almost done, states on Facebook that it’s one foot long and about nine inches high. That’s a big hunk of plastic!


But its big size will ensure that it’ll be a nice centerpiece of a massive diorama that I’ve been planning on doing for quite some time now.


It’s got vinyl tracks, just like the 1/35 scale tanks that I’ve been building since I was a kid, and the light bars are clear, which is perfect for lighting. I’m planning on at least lighting up the spotlights, because in all the shots of this thing in the Terminator movies, it always has twin spotlights lit up like eyes.


There are a lot of pieces, which I would expect from a company like Pegasus that produces well-detailed kits.


I’ve already got the Hunter/Killer Aircraft a few months ago, and now I’m ready for the Terminator dio. My thanks to Steve at Cultman for the super fast shipping.