A Blast From The Past: Space Academy

Lo and behold! It’s Space Academy! This science fiction series first aired on CBS back in the fall of 1977–the year of Star Wars! Actually, science fiction in both TV and movies owed a debt to Star Wars back then for showing that there’s a ready and willing audience for the genre.

Space Academy starred Jonathan Harris, best known as Doctor Smith on Lost in Space, as the leader of a space academy that’s built into an asteroid. Under his command were a group of fresh-faced space cadets who were so hopped up they all looked like they consumed way too much energy drinks.

Despite the fact that the spaceships that ferried our stalwart heroes to and from danger looked a lot like the land rover from Ark II (another super ’70s sci-fi series that I watched religiously as a kid), I thought this was a really cool show! Of course, I was just a kid then, so cut me some slack. 😉

After witnessing the glorious cheesiness in its first episode, I have to say that I still enjoy it now–only for completely different reasons. Space Academy only ran for fifteen episodes before being cancelled, making it just a blip on the pop culture radar. Still, it’s fun in its own way, and it’s worth a look for Lost in Space fans who want to see Harris in something different. I just like watching it again for the flood of nostalgia it provides. 🙂 –SF