Katie Butler from Valley Of The Dinosaurs

When I was a kid, I watched an animated TV show called Valley Of The Dinosaurs, which dealt with the Butler family, who find themselves in a lost world of dinosaurs while on a rafting trip in the Amazon.

Back when the show first aired, I had a major crush on Katie Butler, the teenaged daughter who shared many adventures among the dinos with her family. Since I was all of nine years old at the time that I had this crush, I guess this made it my first May/December romance.

A pair of happy incidents recently occured: I just discovered that the entire series is now avaiable on DVD (woot! woot!) and I just bought a pair of “The Victim” model kit figures from the Monster Scenes line.

If you’ve visited my model kit website, you’ll know that I’ve been converting The Victim kits into various and sundry figures, like Velma from Scooby Doo, which can be seen right here: http://mcfergeson.110mb.com/velma2.htm and here: http://mcfergeson.110mb.com/velma.htm The Daphne figure you see up in the title artwork above this post was also made from a “Victim” figure.

Well, I think the time has now come to make myself a Katie Bulter figure from VOTD. She will be complete with her own diorama. Watch this space, for I’ll post pictures here very shortly.