The Dragon’s Egg Complete

Is that a cracking sound I hear?

Is that a cracking sound I hear?

So here’s the finished Dragon’s Egg, based on the Game of Thrones Eggs.

Is it a dragon...or Rodan?

Is it a dragon…or Rodan?

After giving it a flat black base coat, I painted each of the “shells” a Kelly Green. I also gave it just a hint of metallic green here and there.

An egg in hand.

An egg in hand.

It’s about the same size as a regular chicken egg, based on a plastic Easter egg that I bought as part of a set in the supermarket. I always wanted to do something with one of these little plastic Easter eggs, and I always wanted one of the dragon’s eggs from GOT, and here you go. –SF

Painting the dragon’s egg

The base coat is the first coat on this here egg.

The base coat is the first coat on this here egg.

Well, the putty dried nicely. The entire plastic Easter egg is encased in a hard Dragon shell. So I started painting it. This is the base coat, which is flat black. I want the nooks and crannies to remain black, while the rest of the egg will be painted green.

More to come.

My Game Of Thrones Dragon Egg

The incredible, inedible dragon's egg

The incredible, inedible dragon’s egg

Whenever I use Apoxie Putty for a model project, I will always wind up using far more than I need–which makes sense, because then I don’t have to worry about stopping the project to mix more putty.

The problem with the putty is that it will harden no matter what, and so to avoid wasting it, I’ve been sticking the excess putty onto a plastic Easter egg in the hopes or recreating the dragon’s egg design from the TV series Game Of Thrones.

The picture above shows the now completely covered egg, alongside a regular plastic Easter egg for comparison. Once this is completely dry, I will start painting it. I’ll post further progress pictures on this blog as they happen. –SF