The Third Julie Burwell Book

…is coming, trust me, it’s coming. 😀

I had a problem when I first started writing the third book in that I had set the story during the winter months in the Poconos. But as I wrote it, I quickly realized that it just wasn’t working.

Part of the problem was the winter time setting; we get a lot of snow in this region during winter, and I quickly realized that Julie, as well as the rest of the characters, were becoming too restrained by the weather. And the story itself just needed more work overall, as well.

So the new version of the third book (book 3.2) takes place in the summer, and this new setting opens up a lot more possibilities for the characters.

The third book is a direct sequel to Embraced By Darkness, and I’m shooting to have it ready sometime this summer, if not sooner. Keep it here for the latest news.

And just in case you might have missed the first two books in this supernatural cop saga. They’re available both in print and on the Kindle:

Hell Week

I’m in the final stages of getting Embraced By Darkness, my second Julie Burwell book, ready for its debut in both print and as an ebook. This has created an interesting situation.

While I spent the better part of the last year working on Embraced, I was never really concered with rushing to get it done in a hurry. I would strive to finish a chapter by a certain date, but I never had to worry about the small stuff…until now.

Now, while prepping the new book for its debut, every little thing that has to be done must be done right now. There’s no more putting it off; the proofreading must be done, the final check of the manuscript, and now the cover for both the print and ebook must be finished and ready.

I used to work in community theater, and the week before opening night was called Hell Week for the same reason: everything needed to be ready for opening night, no excuses. But I recall as we scrambled to get the costumes and sets and whatnot prepared for the big night, there was also a sense of exhilaration that could be felt, as well.

I’m feeling that same sense of exhilaration now, while I get the last few things for the 2nd book ready for publication. Instead of being crushed under the pressure, I rejoice in it. Because it heralds a sense of accomplishment, of another book coming to a close.

And of the start of a new book very soon.

The second Julie Burwell book

Just recently completed the second draft of the sequel novel to Awaken. Yes, friends, Julie Burwell returns! It’s looking very good. I figure a final third draft should do the trick, and the book will be done. It will be published on the Amazon Kindle, just like the first book. I’m still working on what to call it.

You can buy Awaken here

The Kindle won’t be the only place where you can get the Julie Burwell books. I’m working on publishing them on other ebook platforms, as well. Watch this space for further news.

Writing to stay sane

Been working on a novel over the past few months. Started it in September, and finished the first draft the last week of October.

I lost my dad recently, during the first week of November, and as devastating as this was, I’ve still been working on the book here and there. Along with my close friends, who’ve kept in constant contact with me (and have been my lifeline to sanity), working on this book has also helped me to keep sane during these extremely trying times.

I’ve decided to self-publish the book on the Amazon Kindle. Oddly enough, it’s a ghost story–about a young woman, a police officer, who discovers she can see the dead. Having just dealt with my dad’s death, the subject matter doesn’t bother me, because the events in the book are from my own imagination. I’m no more unsettled by the theme of my own novel than I can be disturbed by a horror model that I’ve built.

I told my dad about this book, and he was all for it. I was looking forward to having him read it, but seeing how that’s now not possible, I’m dedicating the book to him. This project has been proof positive for me of the positive power of creativity–how it helps get us through the darkest of days and keeps us rooted. At least that’s what it’s been about for me in the wake of his death.

Rest easy, Dad.