The Battlestar Ajax–a reworked Galactica model

It took me the better part of a year to get this one done. It’s the Battlestar Ajax, from the First Cylon War.

 photo ajax17.jpg

If you’re wondering “the who from the what-now?” This was the Battlestar Galactica model from Moebius Models that was based on the Battlestar from the 2003 TV series (which starred Edward James Olmos) that aired on the SyFy Channel. In that series, the Galactica had a bare, ribbed look, from various armored panels that were no longer on the ship. Here’s a picture of the original Galactica model, which I also built:

 photo 02.jpg

It took me the better part of a year, but I covered these bare sections with thin styrene sheet that were scribed with panel lines.

 photo Ajax5.jpg

The result is a fully armored Battlestar, which I figured would have fought in the First Cylon War some forty years before the events in BSG.

 photo ajax18.jpg

Along with new armor, and a new name, I figured the ship also needed a new banner, which was that of a Greek warrior’s helmet. I made a decal of this and placed it on the ship’s back.

 photo ajax23.jpg

I also decided that, instead of the red stripe seen on the Galactica, the Ajax’s identifying color would be green.

 photo ajax21.jpg

Here’s my Galactica and Ajax models side by side for comparision.

 photo ajax20.jpg

I would love to tackle this again. Maybe build another Battlestar from the fleet.